Accent Cellulite Treatments


Taster Session to experience the Accent and start ….. £65

Prices vary depending upon the area but are from £70-£100 per area. (the price for the face includes all areas of the face)

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Treatment Plan: it is usually recommended that between 6-8 treatments will be needed in most cases to achieve the best results.

N.B. Results cannot be guaranteed, as each clients body is unique and responds differently.

I am so pleased with the results so far with the Accent therapy. The ‘lumpy’ appearance of the cellulite on my tummy is much reduced and visibly smoother. I have a further two sessions and expect there will be even more improvement. Also, I’ve lost inches – four to be precise! – from my waist. I’ve been regularly measuring the area since my first session and can hardly believe this myself but the tape doesn’t lie. I eat healthily and exercise regularly but this measurement reduction cannot be attributed to that as I haven’t changed my diet or routines at all.
Sue Kear

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite appears as uneven, lumpy ‘orange peel’ deposits deep in the tissue. Cellulite consists of fatty deposits which are caught in the body’s fibrous connective tissue (often in the back of the thighs or buttocks). This ‘trapped, disorganised fat’ is extremely difficult to remove and is often resistant to diet and exercise. It is far more prevalent in women and appears to have a hormonal association.


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Cellulite affects over 50% of women within the UK. Furthermore, you don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite.

There are numerous treatments claiming to treat cellulite. In most cases the results are ineffective.However, the Accent RF System is proving that Cellulite can be treated, and treated very effectively.

How can the Accent™ RF System treat cellulite?

With Skinformation Clinic’s anti-cellulite treatments you can now achieve a slimmer, trimmer figure, without the ‘orange peel’ texture.

Using a combination of unipolar and bipolar radio frequency the affected area is gently heated to therapeutic temperature in the deep layers of the tissues. The heating process leads to a softening of the fibrous connective tissue. The increased blood and lymph flow then effectively carries the fatty deposits and body toxins safely away to be removed by our natural body processes.

The end result is a contouring, smoothing and tightening of the treated area.

What results can I expect from my cellulite treatment?

You can expect a more toned appearance of the treated area with a general improvement in skin laxity. The appearance of stretch marks may also be reduced.

Many patients also report that they are able to lose weight more easily while undergoing their treatments.

This is an added benefit of the Accent™ RF System.

How many anti-cellulite treatments will I need?

Generally, 6 to 8 fortnightly treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. Some patients with highly resistant, long term cellulite may require weekly treatments.

Is there anything I should do to maximise the results of my fat reduction and anti-cellulite treatments?

Yes! You MUST remain fully hydrated (before, during, after and between treatments). Adequate hydration enhances the effects of the treatment and helps to remove the fat and toxins from the body. Unless you are properly hydrated you may not achieve optimal results. 4 pints of water per day is a good guideline to ensure the body is hydrated; this does not include other drinks such as tea or coffee. If you are not used to drinking such quantities of water it is advisable to start slowly, such as 2 pints per day and increase slowly, this will be discussed during your consultation.

It is also advisable to follow a sensible balanced eating regime and perform moderate exercise (aerobic and weight bearing) on a regular basis. It is never advisable to crash diet. This slows the metabolism and causes accumulation of toxins which may worsen the cellulite

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