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After many lovely years and meeting many lovely people, I have now decided to reduce my hours working on The Healing Life Therapies Business. My door is still open to those looking to catch up and desiring the odd appointment. Thank you for all of your lovely support and more.

Healing Life Therapies by Suzie: Everything I do is related to dissolving Stress

Hi my name is Suzie and I am the founder of the Healing Life Therapies, I am devoted to finding ways of restoring each client to natural health. Helping those who are searching for solutions and ways to heal the body, mind and emotions are my business and beauty is part of that picture. I believe there are solutions and that there should be no compromise when it comes to your well-being.

Primary aim is to reduce stress and bring about inner and outer peace and health through healing. There are many ways we can achieve this, my real focus is now using Nutrigenomics to Biohack the Ageing code in our bodies, I am passionate about this and encourage you to view my pages in `Health`..I also have a very dedicated fb page, so please do follow that too. I post quite a lot of health related issues that aimed at achieving physical, emotional and physical health…My other passion is Rahanni hands on healing, which I not only offer as a therapy but also teach. All my other treatments are holistic by nature and offer de-stressing for the body, mind and this includes the beauty therapies, delivered to each person in a calm and caring environment.

Read on, or have a listen to what I do.


Being a qualified therapeutic counsellor I offer 1:1 therapy to help individuals come to terms with a range of challenges that many of us experience throughout our lives, such as:- depression, loss, grief, anxiety, addiction, loss of direction, loneliness, anger, feeling stuck, painful relationships, feelings of inadequacy.



I offer not only therapies but also workshops which are for anyone wishing to really transform their lives. We all have from time to time blocks which we recognise that may be holding us back from achieving what we want to achieve, such as anger, feelings of inadequacy, frustration, shame, loss, poor self belief – the `not good enough` emotions, and beliefs such as `I’m not worthy, or` it will never happen for me` etc.

How would you like to learn how to clear these blocks, beliefs and emotions that hold you back and instead create and manifest exactly what you want… Well you can!

I will be teaching the laws of Abundance, how to achieve your dreams whether it be a loving partnership, increased income, new home or just to live each day with joy and happiness whatever you desire can be achieved – ever wondered why some people are just so seemingly lucky? And others just seem to have the worst luck in the world… well come and learn why and how you can be – have – feel anything you wish….. it really is achievable…

I offer workshops that will literally transform you….to read more on this go to `Workshops` on the menu bar…. I look forward to working with you.
I also offer training to those wishing to develop the healing abilities that Rahanni Celestial Healing offers, this can be for yourself, your loved ones or to become a practitioner. This is a one day intensive course with manuals, support and a truly enlightening transformation.
More on these workshops under `workshops` tab.


Meditational Evenings

I also hold a bi-monthly meditational evening (no experience necessary) to aid people into reaping the benefits of meditation. These meetings are geared at developing awareness and enhancing inner wellbeing.
Please confirm by phone before coming



I offer Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening and Cellulite, for the face and body. Genie, for the very best Non-surgical Facelift and Body Toning. Visible results in just 10 minutes. Quantumwave cold Healing Lasers for dissolving stress within the body also wonderful for Skin rejuvenations, it is FDA approved for pain reduction, decreasing inflammation and improving circulation, which I am one of the UK’s leading practitioners. On the beauty side I offer Anti-Ageing facials. I firmly believe in the body’s own potential and healing powers, it is by harnessing these powers combined with today’s scientific advances that good results are often achieved.

Whatever your requirements are, my aim is to meet those needs, ensuring that your experience at Healing Life Therapies is as special as you want it to be. The choices can be confusing so I offer a genuine and unique service where the client’s specific needs are paramount.

I started life training to be a nurse and qualified as a State Registered Nurse specialising in Intensive Care. This training moved me into some fascinating arenas which she feels have greatly added to my ‘learning’ such as working in the film industry as a makeup artist and hairdresser for some 15 years. I later ran a business in natural remedies, which is where my fascination and inspiration for alternative health was born. In between times I have continued to study many other forms of complementary health throughout my career in the pursuit for knowledge and wisdom. I also am a qualified Natural Nutritionist and continues to further her studies in Energy Medicine working with the SCIO device (biofeedback – detecting stressors in the mind and body) – and more recently in the last 5 years with the cold laser healing therapy of the Quantum Wave Laser.


TRIALS available on some services… Call for an appointment: 07802 698008

We have moved! Now Based in Storrington, West Sussex. (Some treatments are available remotely for anyone anywhere in the world 😊)