Genie Non Surgical Face Lift


1 x treatment £45
Course of 10 x £390

The Genie Non Surgical Face Lift for Non Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

The Healing Life Therapies’ motto is is `Defying Age by combining Science with Nature` so I proudly use the Genie Complete machine to achieve
this aim.

Being a specialist in Anti-Ageing with one very unique difference… every one of the treatments are natural and I am proud of it! As we mature our muscles shrink causing surrounding fat and tissue to take on a drooping appearance. With exercise and the right diet we can generally keep our bodies in shape but the facial muscles are more of a challenge so we recommend the Genie Non Surgical Face Lift.


Benefits of Genie Non Surgical Face Lift

Genie Non Surgical face lift is known as a personal trainer for the face

When the facial muscles begin to shrink the drooping effect on the face can be very aging. By rebuilding the ageing muscle mass to its previous state the face is fuller and benefits from a visible lift which can be retained with regular treatments. This fuller, healthier look also helps to eliminate many lines and wrinkles because the muscles are subjected to ‘power building`. For 24 hours after a treatment, the muscles are still working and regenerating themselves. This technology is the result of Dr. Baxendale whose research was targeting those suffering facial palsy, and has resulted in us being able to offer clients natural and effective face lift, without the need for surgery.

Who benefits? – How does it work?

How long is each treatment?

Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and works on different areas using pads on the face and skin conditioning with collagen. Maintenance treatments are recommended monthly following a course of 10 or 15 treatments. This will maintain the effect gained. Twice monthly treatments will not only maintain, but also continue to improve facial features.

What clients say about Genie Non-Surgical Face Lifts:

“Genie is nothing short of a miracle! After only one treatment you can really see and feel the difference, and so can everyone else – friends and family have commented on how well and rested I look – I’ll definitely keep up my treatments in Suzie’s capable hands!”
Tricia Rogan

“I am very pleased with the results of the Genie courses I have been taking for the face and body. I am noticing a lifting of my features, in
particular the corners of my mouth and my jaw line. The Melville Clinc is very friendly and the treatments are given in a relaxing, calm environment.”
Margaret Ludlow