First consultation is free – to outline how we would work together and to assess whether this approach is right for you

Then its £50 per hour
Weekly appointments are usually recommended to begin with.

I am of the belief that many of our sufferings today have their roots in our childhood.  I offer 1:1 Emotional Therapeutic Counselling to help individuals  with a range of challenges that many of us experience throughout our lives, such as:- depression, loss, grief, anxiety, addiction, loss of direction, loneliness, anger, feeling stuck, painful relationships, feelings of inadequacy.

Different modalities of counselling work in different ways, the approach I offer is empathic, intuitive, confidential and offered in a safe environment, giving you the time and space to explore concerns and worries with an qualified and unbiased ear. A place where perhaps for the first time you can really explore and discover the real you for the first time. I am a good listener, for many this is in itself a unique experience.

It is my own belief and experience that counselling is a powerful way to bring about transformation to human life that in ways perhaps an individual may never have experienced before.


I successfully completed Levels 2, 3 and 4 in Humanistic Counselling, which was based on the Person Centred approach, Gestalt and Existential. I then further completed a diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling. I work in a unique and I believe powerful way using intuition and sometimes healing to bring about lasting change in the mind and body. It is my profound belief that regardless of any ailment in the body or mind in most cases it can be traced back to a deep emotional trauma – usually in the early years of life.

I have worked for several years as a bereavement counsellor.

I am a fully qualified healer, first in Reiki, then Angelic Reiki and more recently Rahanni which offers the highest vibration available at this time on planet earth. My commitment is to give each client ‘real’ results on all levels emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.

State registered nurse S.R.N., healer and therapist for last 35yrs