Cold Laser…..
for Beauty…
Healing & Health….


QuantumWave Laser

30 mins treatment £ 45

1 hour Treatment £ 65

It may also be possible to hire the laser in some circumstances the rate for this is £ 150 per week or £400 per month

Scalar Wave

The QuantumWave laser combines the most advanced cold laser technology with state of the art Quantum Scalarwave to address all facets of health and beauty.

How do Cold Lasers Work?

To understand in a very simplistic way:

Our bodies produce energy right at the heart of each cell in the mitochondria….and the mitochondria’s function is to produce ATP … The amount of ATP produced is a reflection how much energy we have available in our bodies to carry out such actions as to heal, repair and live our lives from day to day. It quite literally `charges` our cells with energy. Without it we would not be able to do anything.

What will stimulate the cell to produce more ATP are photons of light. This Quantumwave laser does exactly this… quite literally donates photons of light. Hence the body can heal and repair allowing you will discover more balance and energy.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so great after a walk on the beach? This is because the sea and the movement of the wind and waves creates many photons of light, which can literally re-charge our batteries!

What happens during a treatment?

Quite simply, a short consultation is taken, you will be asked to lie down and relax in your most comfortable position and the laser will be placed on various parts of your body, preferably next to the skin…..there is no real heat or sensation, however, after a period of time you may feel quite relaxed. You hopefully will leave with a greater sense of well being and inner peace. Over the coming hours and days you may notice changes in your body and well being, this will be the body returning back to a more natural balance.

How many treatments would I need?

This will depend upon the circumstances sometimes one treatment is enough and other times a course might be suggested….your technician will be able to advise you on this.

These quantumwave lasers are safe and can be used in the home… if you wish to learn more or want to own one for yourself or hire one for a few weeks… then do call 01306 712630 for more details.

Client Testimonials

Dear Suzie,

I needed to put pen to paper as a small token of my immense gratitude to you for introducing me to your cold laser therapy. When I met you three months ago I can honestly say that I was at the lowest physical ebb of my life. I had allowed stress, both emotional and professional, to slowly deplinish my energy, health and will to live! My entire body felt like it had a huge black cloud surrounding it and sucking all the life out of me. I could not sleep, had no appetite and felt to tired after a 12 hour sleep to wash my hair! I must say at that stage I did not have much hope inside that I would ever feel like myself again as my body and soul had just ‘given up’. I came to our appointment looking for a miracle and you gave me one. My body is responding like a flower to water to the lazers healing renewal of my cells and after every visit I feel rejuvenated and that much more my old self again,. I have my appetite back and can now last a full day in the office without feeling the desperate need to lay my head anywhere come lunchtime! I understand to renew your body you have to believe it with your mind and allow yourself the time to heal. The lasers are like a physical strength being absorbed by my body and I know I am well on the way to being myself again. You have the hands and heart of a healer and your knowledge, experience and techniques are second to none. Thanking you very, very much.

Iris Lorking