Genie Toning


1 x treatment £45
Course of 10 x £390

These therapies are so powerful and bring such noticeable results after only 15 treatments.

These photos which are part of some clinical hospital trials show how the Genie gives such powerful body contouring treatments:

Genie Toning

What are the benefits to using the Genie for Body Toning?

These pictures are part of hospital clinical trials. They are taken after several courses of Slimming and Toning:

Genie Toning

The programmes for toning works the muscle slower than for slimming, this gives the effect of weight lifting, therefore re-contouring, re-
shaping and firming by building up muscle mass.

20 minutes of the treatment on the stomach is equivalent to 360 sit-ups.

What areas can be treated?

How would I be treated?

Just as with normal exercise, clients whose muscles are less toned would start off gently and increase their activity as they develop. The pre-set programmes reflect this and are set at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Genie Toning

What can I expect?

The therapists at the Melville Clinic are trained to individually tailor each course of treatments to each client’s specific needs. There would be a full consultation prior to treatment and a clear understanding of the clients needs and expectations would be noted. The client would be measured so that progress can be clearly charted.

Courses of 10 or 15 are available. Clients are asked to attend the clinic twice a week until completion of the course and then attend once a month or every 3 weeks for a maintenance course to keep up the effects gained.

And the treatments are extremely comfortable!

What clients say about Energy Medicine:

“I am a great believer in keeping an open mind and trying new treatments so when I read about the Genie toning machine in an article in a women’s magazine I did a search on Google to find somewhere local to me to enquire about the treatments which is how I found Suzie at the Melville Clinic. Suzie was warm and friendly from the start and made me feel relaxed and at home so after an initial consultation I booked a course of treatments which I have nearly finished. I would recommend Suzie to anyone thinking of any of the treatments she offers as the Melville Clinic is very different to your average “beauty salon” type place. It is a very informal, relaxed setting where you really feel that your treatment is personal to you and that Suzie takes a real interest in you as a person and in your individual needs and I wouldn’t hesitate to book future treatments with her”
Mandi Lucas

“I am very pleased with the results of the Genie courses I have been taking for the face and body. I am noticing a lifting of my features, in particular the corners of my mouth and my jaw line. The Melville Clinc is very friendly and the treatments are given in a relaxing, calm environment.”
Margaret Ludlow