Rahanni Healing

The whole session lasts about an hour.


Single session £ 45

Course of 3 £ 105

Age Concession available upon request.

There are workshops available to those wishing to learn about Rahanni Healing Energy for self healing and also to be able to give healing energy sessions to others The frequent use of Rahanni Healing for yourself, ideally on a daily basis, promotes powerful personal transformation and healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, raising your consciousness towards Ascension.

Suzie Thomson
Rahanni Celestial Healing
Healer & Teacher


`Healing for the Heart from the Heart`

Individual Rahanni Celestial Healing treatments
Beginner to Practitioner level Rahanni Workshops
Rahanni Share Groups

Rahanni Healing is the `New` healing modality for this time we are living in.
Rahanni means `Of One Heart` and is based on Truth, Love and Compassion.
Rahanni is a very high vibrational form of healing.

Rahanni is a powerful healing modality of balance. That is channelled Healing energy from 7 Archangels and Ascended Masters. Rahanni Healing can allow the release of negative energy allowing the body, emotion and spirit to sense and feel the transformation through the light.

Receiving a treatment what does this involve?

Firstly you don’t have to believe in anything specific for you to benefit from a Rahanni healing session
In the session I channel healing energy through my hands and if you are lying down then I might either work off your body or lay my hands on your shoulders or chest and solar plexus. You remain fully clothed at all times. The healing energy is channelled from the Angelic Realms via Healing Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. The scope of the session can extend to include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes.

Because of the raising of the body’s vibration it is possible for some changes to be noticeable. Often it is just real relaxation and a feeling of peace that comes over you, sometimes there can be tears – this can symbolise the releasing of some locked emotions. In some cases you might feel light headed, or have tingles or pins and needles in your hands. This is just an indication of some adjustments taking place and the body accepting and balancing with the new higher energies present.

Drinking water before and after a therapy is encouraged to support the bodies adjusting energies.

Rahanni is complementary to western medicine–not an alternative.

How many therapies are suggested? Like all vibrational healing this will vary with each client. One healing session in some cases might be all that is needed, and then sometimes it might be beneficial to experience more.

Distance or remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.


I had my first Rahanni healing session with Suzie last week. Suzie put me instantly at ease and during the session she made some amazing and insightful connections with my past and current life situations. It was a very emotional session ranging from tears to laughter!  At the end I felt lifted, more optimistic and revitalised. A week on and I’m still feeling positive. I would thoroughly recommend Rahanni healing with Suzie

Julie George

A healing session with Suzie is a calming and holistically fulfilling experience. I have had three sessions with her and each have left me with an extraordinary feeling of spiritual connection and a sense that there is a reassuring energy that remains in the world that is somehow right to trust.I would recommend Suzie to anyone who is secure and happy in themselves but perhaps looking for the occasional reassurance or affirmation from a higher source. The feeling she instils is nothing short of magical.



I had never heard of Rahanni celestial healing before and was a little anxious as to what to expect.  I needn’t have worried however – Suzie met me at the door with her wonderful smile, took me to the healing room and immediately I felt a sense of calm.  The healing itself was a wonderful experience with Suzie giving me her insights and impressions from the ascended masters.  It was all amazingly accurate and a wonderful experience – so much so that I have signed up to do a course with her.
Valerie Pritchard


To whom it may concern.I would like to endorse the skills Suzie Thomson has as a Rahanni Healer.

I am the Director of a small charity working with children and adolescents who have learning disabilities and many complex issues. I also support their parents.

I have been seeing Suzie for personal sessions on a regular basis when I am emotionally drained and exhausted. She never fails to relax and stabilise me with her healing hands- on treatment and warm and compassionate voice.

Suzie has a wealth of life experiences which is evident in her holistic approach. She helped facilitate a Mothers Respite weekend last November by leading meditation groups and providing individual healing sessions. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. See attached.

Kind regards    Nancy

Nancy Williams
Director/Senior Therapist
The Studio ADHD Centre
Tel: 01306 712300


“After only one healing session I felt more relaxed and that my anxiety levels had greatly receded, I felt a positive improvement”kind regards


Suzie was comforting and relaxing and I enjoyed the session a great deal. She gave me hope that I would feel better and taught me how to help myself as I can’t get to her easily.


I would not hesitate to recommend Suzie for a Rahanni Celestial Healing session. I have had healings from Suzie and they have been amazing. She makes you feel completely relaxed as she channels the gentle Rahanni energy. I always find I feel calm and peaceful after a healing and look forward to my sessions with her. I don’t have anything physically wrong with me but it helps me stay calm and focussed in such a busy world.

Neshla Avey, Southampton


Suzie started life a State Registered Nurse in the late 70`s, and loved the patient interaction and care, often giving hands on healing. Later taking on many `alternative training` modalities but nothing was as rewarding as massage which she found often allowed her to `feel` and `sense` blockages and experiences that when she touched would often `dissolve`. Suzie was told she had healing hands, but it wasn’t until the 90`s she learnt Reiki, but this wasn’t the right fit for her. She then discovered Angelic Reiki then everything started to fall into place. It was in 2014 that she then found Rahanni Celestial Healing and discovered that this healing is for this time period we are now in…She is now devoted to this method of healing.