If you feel stuck, unable to move forward, not know how to change your circumstances or just want more from life then this is the course for you!

It is designed for anyone who is keen to learn how to manifest, how to transform their life, how to move forward and achieve success in all areas of your life. These may include finances, love life and how you want to `be` in this world, so how you want to be as a person.

What will be covered are explanations into how we get stuck and why things don’t seem to change no matter how hard or how much we want them to.

You will learn about simple techniques and ways to transform anything you want…. Yes I know that sounds too easy, well in some senses that is true, however, many of us give up, forget or just find it hard to change – well not on this course. You will be supported and guided through every step!

What we will be looking at and transforming are the common blocks we all face from time to time such as `Fear` fear of change fear of moving forward, fear we are not good enough, fear of failure etc…

The other thing is doubt, that creeps in and stops us from taking that next step, that inner voice that can hold us back, what if I am wrong, what if I find it doesn’t work etc… we will be knocking this one on the head too…

Then also our self image, how do we feel about yourselves, what limitations do we put on our selves, or has been there since childhood, well that can be cleared too!

SO a very exciting prospect, want to join us?

Held near Dorking in Surrey


1:1 sessions available to suit those with busy schedules or wanting individual

support… ring for more details


To check dates: either email: suzie@healinglifetherapies.co.uk

Or call: 01306 712630