The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System)


Initial Therapy £95

Thereafter £75

Course of 4 £290

An imbalance at any level, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, that impedes the natural flow of the body will compromise to some degree the quality of one’s health. This will sooner or later lead to a change in physiology and possibly some form of illness.

So what can the SCIO do for you?

It is a high-tech device that enables health practitioners to analyse energetic imbalances in the body. As it is the only device that can scan the emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. It is the most encompassing machine around today.

It can pick up on the following:


What is SCIO therapy?

Energetically the technology comprehensively covers almost any therapy or item you may wish to test.

What to expect at your consultation:


Energy Medicine and some of its history

Over the last 40 years, Energy Medicine has become an extremely successful holistic therapy, practiced by thousands of practitioners and medical doctors worldwide. Energy Medicine, sometimes known as Vibrational Medicine is a rapidly emerging science, possibly to become twenty first century medicine. It enables practitioners to achieve fast and successful effectiveness with acute and chronic health problems.

Much of its origins stems from to the 5,000 year old Chinese philosophy of well-being, homeopathy and much research including: Albert Zent-Gyorgy, who was the Nobel Prize Winner of 1937 for discovering Vit.C. He found that electrons flowed through fibres in the tissue and that protons flowed through water. He concluded that a breakdown of this electrical communication was the source of all disease. Dr. Reinhold Voll in the 1950’s discovered a method of measuring electrons along the meridian pathways of the body. He also believed that a loss of communication and energy contributed to disease. Fritz Popp works with cellular light emission, he believes that degenerative disease can result when the coherence of light is lost and becomes out of phase.

Professor Bill Nelson developed the SCIO using state of the art technology and 3 decades of his own life’s work for us to be able to ‘eavesdrop’ on the body’s electric communication pathways and to analyse its complexity. The SCIO is the pioneer in Energetic Medicine.

There is not any practitioner involvement during testing. There is no comparable device.

Clearly because of the magnanimity of the assessment and therapy programmes, this technology can be used to benefit virtually all health conditions. It can also be advantageous in illness prevention and optimising wellness as it addresses all the stressors of the body – including the physical, environmental, spiritual, mental and emotional factors.

What clients say about SCIO:

“Suzie has the most amazing enthusiasm and dedication to her work and after a visit to her for remedial treatment on the SCIO machine I always feel in tune with myself ready to face what the week will throw at me.”
Marilyn Roffey

“I found Suzie to be so warm, welcoming and understanding and she made me feel totally at ease. Not only did the SCIO therapy leave me feeling more uplifted, I also came away with the knowledge and understanding of how to improve my health and wellbeing through nutritional therapy. The treatment didn’t end when I walked out of the clinic, Suzie followed up all that we talked about by sending me a wealth of ideas, tips and techniques to help me just a few days later.
I am pleased to say that after months of feeling tired and drained I am now feeling back to my usual self thanks to Suzie and the help and advice she offered me.”
Susannah, Horsham

I have been absolutely delighted with the care I have received at The Melville Clinic. For the last 5 years I have pursued an interest in Anti-Aging Medicine which I acquired while living abroad. I realised there’s very little of this going on in the UK right now. How glad I was that while doing a UK internet search into this The Melville Clinic cropped up & I met Suzie Thomson. Her use of the amazing Scio apparatus with me & her subtle guidance through the nutrition maze has helped me stay on top of my health issues & maintain a positive expectation that my health will stay good despite the hereditary & environmental issues that I face on a daily basis. Her natural approach really suits me & I like the fact that I am able to see at every visit exactly what my health status is, the percentage improvement at that visit & pointers where to work on next. The constant re-motivation keeps me energised & hopefully physiologically young for my chronological age.
Cherie Robertson (Dentist)

I am extremely grateful to have met Suzie. I was introduced to her in 2007 when I was extremely unwell, bother herself and the therapy of  the SCIO has enabled me to still be able to walk even though I still require a walking stick. I have been at the brink of exhaustion but with Suzie help have continued to go about my daily life. I would highly recommend that anyone should have this therapy even once a year. I have many family members and also friends who have also benefitted from meeting Suzie and receiving SCIO therapy.

Marcia Nash

I have been a client of Suzie Thomson for about 6 or 7 years. In all that time she had worked with me to keep me well! which has been of great help. I have always has the SCIO treatments which reaches many of the bodies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects right to the core of things. This allows things to be be dealt with right away. SHe gives down to earth advice to help with each situation. I feel very blessed to know her and look forward to many years of treatments with her and her wonderful gifts. So I would not hesitate to recommend her with all that she does to benefit people that she works with.

Lyyn Asteria Fletcher