Quantumwave Laser facials


½ hour facial £ 45

1 hour (includes some full body de-stressing) £75

Scalar Wave

Using the Quantumwave cold healing laser facials offers state of the art healing and rejuvenation to the skin.

The lasers are completely safe and just deliver restorative photons of light to the cells.

There is no down time and no discomfort.

In today’s world our skin can show the signs of dehydration and stress, this will and can cause premature lines and ageing resulting in the skin to appear less vibrant and youthful.

Using the laser which contains red diodes which work directly on the skin layers and the blood circulation to the skin, improving circulation and oxygenation to the area, but also the violet diodes which work on the spiritual / emotional levels of the cells and is also especially beneficial when delivered during a facial.

The de-stressing affect of delivering photons to the cells will also aid the cells to repair and regenerate new and healthy cells more easily. This whole process is also very detoxifying.

The overall effect is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Many skin ailments can be improved though cold laser applied to the face.
More information on the Quantumwave healing page

½ hour facial £ 45
1 hour (includes some full body de-stressing) £75

It may be possible to hire the laser in special circumstances… please ring for further information.