Card Readings


There are many ways to offer guidance and channelled information from spirit world and one way, Suzie can offer is through card reading.

There are also many cards to choose from Tarot, Archetypal or Angelic to name a few. Suzie also uses Life Codes which offer a unique and powerful way to understand your life moving forward, relationship dynamics and your soul progression. This is most effectively demonstrated using the Karbala Tree Of Life . (Life codes is a combination of numerology and the meaning of the Tree of Life)

Suzie is described as being very clear in her readings and when trained the most frequent comment to describe her abilities was `astounding`.

Per session £ 40

Works well with having a healing therapy at the same time as often more can be `felt` and your vibrations can lift and change in that moment.

Healing and card reading in one session £ 65